What is easy2lose .co?

Easy2lose.co is a health and fitness blog which can help you in succeeding over your weight loss goals with simple but effective methods.

Who runs this blog?

Hitesh is a Digital marketing professional and a foodie by heart who loves to try different sort of food from all over the world.

Why start easy2lose.co?

Everything began when I chose to stop my 9-6 Job and begin to accomplish something all alone and ought to gain the money related flexibility. Be that as it may, soon I understood working from and working from an office has a colossal effect. Just like a foodie individual I wanted to eat yet after some time, I began putting on some additional weight which I didn’t care for. I was getting excessively sluggish, making it impossible to work.

So I began working out however that didn’t help me a considerable measure. I made sense of 70% of your wellness relies upon your Diet and only 30% relies upon your exercise. I changed my eating plan and furthermore worked out somewhat that won’t influence me to feel tired.  And trust me I began getting comes about inside few weeks. I was weighing 242 pounds (110 kgs Approx.) when I began this adjustment in my eating regimen I lost almost 66 pounds (30 kgs Approx.) inside a day and age of only 2 months.

Better believe it you heard It right I lost that much just by changing my eating regimen propensities and I began getting comes about. At that point, I expected it’s not by any means the only issue for me it’s a world-renowned problem where numerous individuals are experiencing a similar circumstance. As per ponders 1.9 billion of the total population of the world are discovered overweight.

That day I chose to begin this blog just to tell those people groups that losing weight is not as extreme as it is by all accounts. It should be possible with straightforward strategies without doing any damage to your wellbeing.

What you will get from easy2lose.co?

A million dollar Smile and responsibility to a fit and sound way of life to convey with no diligent work. The objective for Easy2lose isn’t simply to enable you to get in shape yet additionally to spread a message that keeping up a decent wellbeing is simply a question of few changes that won’t influence your Happiness.