GM Diet Plan

GM Diet Plan Lose Weight fast in Just 7 Days.

The GM Diet Plan is the healthiest and fittest way to lose weight, it helps you to cut down your extra kilos just in a matter of 7 days. But everyone must be wondering, What does GM stands for? Right.

GM Diet Plan

What is the GM Diet Plan?

The GM Diet Plan is otherwise called the General Motors Weight loss program. Indeed, you heard it right GM Diet Plan was particularly intended for the General Motor representatives to build the working effectiveness by keeping them solid and fit.

At the point when this arrangement was presented in the organization, they saw a tremendous reaction in the wellness of the considerable number of representatives they could lose around 4-5 Kgs(8-10 pounds Approx.) in a weeks time bringing about more vigorous work too.

The Diet plan was outlined by High-level mastery, everybody was discussing the GM Diet Plan. The arrangement was effective to the point that it helped individuals to lose a coveted measure of weight in less time with any weakness. The diet plan also helps to detoxify your body.

So let me take you to the unbelievable GM Diet Plan.

Gm Diet Plan Day 1

GM Diet PlanYou can call the Day 1 as Fruity Day which is meant for Detoxification. It is necessary to detox the body to take out all the unwanted and toxic elements out of your body. On day 1 you have to eat as much as fruits you can except banana. Have a variety of fruits throughout the day like apples, Oranges etc. More advisable is to eat water-based fruits like melons, this will help you to full fill your stomach and will avoid unnecessary cravings. Keep your water intake high almost  8-12 glasses throughout the day.

Gm Diet Plan Day 2

GM Diet Plan

On day 2 Fruits are replaced by vegetables. You have to consume your favorite vegetables throughout the day, this will help you to build fiber intake in your body. Do not overcook your vegetables and avoid using cooking oil, consume them raw or steamed. You can also have potatoes in breakfast with a light quantity of butter on it, this will kick-start your day as potatoes are full of starch but don’t have potatoes after breakfast. And the water consumption should be high as the day one glasses on average.

Gm Diet Plan Day 3

GM Diet PlanDay 3 will be a combination of day 1 and day 2. You can eat a combination of fruits and vegetables throughout the day except for bananas and potatoes. It will also combine the benefits of both fruits and vegetables, and provide you with high fiber, nutrient, and protein. Water intake should be the same as both the previous days.



Gm Diet Plan Day 4

GM diet PlanDay 4 is quite different, today the fruit which you avoided is finally permitted. Day 4 is consuming Bananas throughout the day with a combination of milk to go with. You can take 2-3 bananas in one meal followed a glass of milk or you can also have a banana shake. I know it’s not an easy task to survive a whole day on bananas, so just in case of exemption you can add a bowl of vegetable soup. Drink 8-12 glasses of water.


Gm Diet Plan Day 5

Gm Diet PlanDay 5 is a feat for you as compared to the previous 4 days. For vegetarians you can have a bowl of brown rice in lunch and for nonvegetarians can have chicken or fish for lunch and both should be followed by at least 6 tomatoes. The water intake on this day should be high compared to the previous days to drain out the uric acid from your body.



Gm Diet Plan Day 6

GM Diet PlanDay 6 is quite similar to day 5, you have to consume your favorite vegetables throughout the day and a bowl of brown rice in lunch. Remember the veggies should not be overcooked most preferable should be eaten raw or steamed. By the end of Day 6, you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your weight, you will feel more energetic and light.



GM Diet Plan Day 7

GM Diet PlanFinally, you made it to the last day, On Day 7 of the Diet Plan you can consume almost everything you did in last 6 days. You can have a bowl of rice with your favorite veggies or chicken and fish for nonvegetarians which should be followed by a glass of fruit juice every time. After every meal, you should have a glass of juice. The water intake should be 8-12 glasses throughout the day.



Things to keep in mind while following the GM Diet Plan

1. Avoid using Oil for cooking, Consume vegetables steamed or Raw

2. Drink at least 3-4 Liters of water each day.

3. GM Diet Plan should not be carried more than one week in a month.

4. Do not consume any kind of unhealthy snacks that can ruin your diet.

5. At least 30 mins of regular workout is a must.

6. It is advisable that Pregnant women and breastfeeding Mothers should not follow this diet.

7. After you finish your last day of diet plan from the very next day you should not start having heavy meals.

8. Monitor your food intake, so that after the diet so you should not gain weight again.

9. Avoid having tea and alcohol.

10. People who’re suffering from hypertension, diabetes and heart problems are advised not to follow the diet plan.

Why follow The GM diet Plan?

The GM diet Plan helps to detoxify your body, taking out all the unnecessary toxins. The best part of this diet is that it increases your fruits and vegetable intake that leads to a great source of nutrients and fibers. With GM diet Plan it is possible to lose a desired amount of weight in less amount of time.

GM Diet Plan

GM Diet Plan

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