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4 Best Homemade energy drinks to have post Exercise.

Do you regularly grab an energy drink in the expectation that it will boost your energy?

If yes, then are you aware that the energy drinks present in the market are saturated with a number of ingredients which are not so faithful?

The ingredients in the readymade energy drinks can be so harmful that can cause you health problems in long run.

These drinks are made for sale they have more added flavors and preservatives than the real nutrients that can attract buyers.

Most of the common health issues that can be caused by regular consumption of readymade energy drinks.

  • These drinks contain a high amount of caffeine which if consumed regularly can lead to stoke attacks.
  • To make it taste good the amount of sugar level is also high in these drinks which can lead to numerous health problems including diabetes and weight gain.

So when we are so bleeding for those drinks and in return they give you zero to nothing benefits.

Instead why not we make some Homemade energy drinks that can provide you the required vitality without any hazards.

After focusing on all these factors I end up writing this article where we will be discussing the few homemade energy drinks that can make our cravings for energy drinks more fruitful.

When we sweat after our physical activities (workout, job, traveling) we end up losing Electrolytes from our body. Electrolytes are the compounds that boost our energy level.

These Market made energy drinks contains electrolytes but not as required. So we have such ingredients that are naturally filled with Electrolytes.

Let’s see how to make some best homemade Energy Drinks.

1.Coconut Water and Lime

homemade energy drinks

Mix the salt, honey and lime juice in a tall glass, and blend until you dissolve all the honey fully.

Then, stir in the coconut water, and drink. It helps to have the coconut water cool, but you can also pop in a couple of ice cubes if needed.

2.Iced Tea and Coconut Water

homemade energy drinks

Finely slice your cucumber, and keep in the fridge, while you get on with the rest of the recipe.

Mix your honey, salt, green tea and coconut water in a jug, and stir. Drop the cool cucumber slices into the mix, and enjoy.

3.Matcha Energy Drink

homemade energy drinks

Made from whole green tea leaves, matcha powder has amazing health benefits and energy-boosting effects that exceed those of coffee and green tea.

Take a cup of water, add 1tsp of honey, 2 tsp matcha powder, and 1 whole lime juice. Mix it well.

4.Berry Citrus Energy Drink

homemade energy drinks

Berries contain natural sugars which don’t burden your system and slowly release the energy throughout the whole day.

Combine them with lime juice and mint for a fresh twist. Take a cup of water and a cup of mixed berries. And mix it well with lime juice and mint leaves.

These are the best energy drinks that are so simple to make and provides you enough energy to sustain.

Try out these recipes and let us know in the comment section how you liked it.

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