How to detox your body after a Boozy weekend.

How to detox your body after a Boozy weekend.

You had a blast on this weekend, had all over those tequila shots and drinking down like hell.

You had a big boozy weekend but whats more bothering is a hangover after such a great party night, isn’t it?

Drinking insanely on weekends is mostly sane to me. We all love to get high on our weekends but the next day gets totally a mess because of your pounding head, rolling stomach, feeling like an empty jar. No energy at all.

It happens and I am damm sure every one of us had that one night that we totally lost it. We always think of limiting our drinks each time we party and we end up consuming more.

That doesn’t mean we should avoid doing parties but we can follow a few things that can limit the chances of getting a hangover.

How to detox your body after a Boozy weekend.

So Here are a few tips that we can follow after some boozy weekends to detox yourself completely.

1. Get a complete sleep.

A hangover is like an uninvited guest that will enter your body and you with all your efforts cannot ignore it. So getting a better sleep is more important in such a case.

We often fall asleep quickly after drinks but that can be a disturbing sleep. It is recommended to sleep extra hours after such a party night.

2. Get yourself Hydrated.

After a substantial drinking our body feels like in desert no wellspring of water by any stretch of the imagination, it depletes out a large portion of the fluids from our body.

The best thing you can do is to drink as much as water perhaps you can. It is the most ideal approach to make things please on track.

3. Hydrate with Electrolytes.

Sports drinks, Coconut water, and Electrolyte drinks are the best add on’s to this hydration process.

All these drinks contain electrolytes, including sodium and potassium, that help your body hold onto the water it needs.

4. Fill up your stomach.

Drinking heavily flushes vitamins from your body, Having a good and heavy breakfast on the following day of your boozy night that can help you recover your vitamins damage.

Have eggs, fruits, and vegetables in your breakfast.

5. Detox using herbals tea.

Drinking herbal teas (like fennel, mint, or chamomile) the morning after a crazy night calms, soothes, and relaxes your stomach.

Tea also works wonders on headaches and indigestion, especially when sweetened with honey.

6. Sweat it out.

It not might appear the easy way but doing exercise in the aftereffect will get you to help significantly quicker.

Exercise will help free your body of the poisons that were in those mixed drinks. Expanded flow gets blood and oxygen to where your body needs it most — your cerebrum.

The last one is not a tip but just a caution towards partying hard on weekdays.

7. Do not drink on weekdays.

I know it is very difficult to oppose, yet it’s better than to be drained out at the work environment.

A hangover needs time to recoup and on weekdays we have a bustling timetable its difficult to adapt up the following day with an aftereffect.

It is advised to not to get High on weekdays.


Following the above tips will balance a portion of the impacts of partying hard. The key obviously isn’t to enjoy again and again! Still go to parties yet remember an essential guideline of good wellbeing, which is a balance.

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