Weight is going up and Down

7 Reasons Your Weight Going Up and Down While Dieting

You seem to be losing some pounds yesterday but today you don’t, this is very often when you are on a diet, we can understand

You might think this is because of the high protein meal you had in lunch but the fact is our body is made of thousands of cells, tissues, and many organs

That are constantly changing their elements with nature, which leads to Your Weight Going Up and Down.

Anyone who has ever gone on a diet knows one of the biggest challenges is keeping the weight off once it’s been lost.

It can be especially difficult when the weight was lost quickly.

It has been noticed that an individual losing weight rapidly see more fluctuations than an individual losing weight at a constant consistency.

The Reason for this is the rapid changes are not accepted by our body it takes time to get used to.

Weight going up and down


Here are some most possible reasons Why Your Weight is Going Up and Down.

1. Water

Water is a daily need of every individual, on an average every individual consumes at least 2-3 liters of water a day.

So water can be the primary reason for your weight fluctuation.

The water consumed is also drained out through urine as well, but not all the water is drained,

Most of the water remains inside the body in form of water logs the reason behind is the amount of salt we consume.

2. Salt

The Second most important thing in the life of an individual is salt. It is the main source of sodium and chloride ions in the human diet.

Sodium is essential for nerve and muscle function and is involved in the regulation of fluids in the body.

That is the reason the intake of high salt can form water logs which again leads to your weight going up and down.

3. Clothes

I know it sounds silly but yes your clothes can add up to 2-3 pounds of extra weight on your body.

4. Alcohol

Yeah, its a weekend you had a great blast last night,

But weighing in the morning shows you that you gained some weight again after following your diet why is this so?

This is because Alcohol stimulates your appetite and wrecks your self-control regarding the amount of food that you consume.

5. Stress

Losing weight is hard. Really hard. And a good portion of it is mental.

It takes a real mental effort to really change your lifestyle or behavior in order to lose weight.

After working out when you hit on the scale it tells you that you gained a pound after your workout, this situation here can stress you out and demotivate you.

6. Hormones

This one is for women’s! Especially right around the time of your period, hormonal changes can cause increases in your weight.

That bloated feeling can bloat the reading on your scale. Don’t stress! The added weight usually disappears a few days after your period ends.

7. High Carbs Diet

Hight carbs diet is not good at the time of weight loss because carbohydrates are organic compounds are those found in sugary foods, pasta, and bread.

Foods that are rich in carbs can cause a little water log.

Those are some of the possible reason according to me that is responsible for your weight fluctuations.

Now we have seen the cause lets take a quick look at the cure.

How to Assess Your Actual Weight?

1. Weight yourself once around a week, this will exclude the unwanted reason for your gained weight and will show you a constant decrease in your weight.

That will keep you motivated.

2. Weight yourself naked if possible the reason to say this is your clothes can add up to 2-3 pounds of extra weight on your body.

3. Have a diet which is low on salt and Carbohydrates.

4. To get the most accurate view of your weight, step on the scale one morning a week around the same time, ideally right after you pee.

5. This one is for the ladies, do not weight yourself at the time of your hormonal changes,

It is obvious that you ain’t gonna see a good result this might stress you out so keep yourself away from the scale.

6. Having a booze is not at all a good idea when you want to achieve your desired results.


Fluctuations are very common but there is a limit to it that is if you find around 5 pounds per day of weight going Up and down,

But if it crosses more than 5 pounds in a day then it’s time to make some adjustments.

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